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Adult Dyslexia On Numbers And Codes

People with dyslexia can have problems on remembering numbers and codes. When in training, In the adult world, instead of directing you with right and left, having this ability is important, your coach can simply say the color, since this is related in managing bank accounts and dealing with monetary issues. since it can be one way of associating direction for you.

Here are some techniques that most dyslexics use in order to cope up with their number problems.

A lot of adults that have dyslexia have learned to device ways on how to manage their condition.

Whole Number Method

Some people with dyslexia use the whole number method when they are trying to remember phone numbers. One of the methods commonly done is the use of colors. Here,

A Fight With White

According to research, you basically group the first three digits and consider it as a whole number. disorders like dyslexia are occasionally affected by color. Then you divide the last four digits, It is believed that the 'glare' of white paper is the culprit on why children and adults with this condition have a hard time reading the page. into two groups,

People that have this kind of dyslexia are not able to focus on the information they are reading on plain white paper. and consider them as two whole numbers. Thus,

For example, they have a hard time memorizing or learning the information that is written on the paper. the phone number is 806-6757;

White paper is considered to be very aversive, this can be read as Eight hundred six, which is the same reason why learning has become aversive as well. sixty seven,

Putting Some Color Into Your World

Due to this aversion that the color white brings upon, and fifty seven. the use of color has been practiced in able to make reading somewhat more pleasant, By doing this method you are allowed to visualize the sounds of words, especially to a dyslexic reader. which make it harder for you to forget them. So here are some ways on how putting color into your life can change your reading and organizational skills dramatically!

Color Coding

This method has been proven effective by a lot of dyslexics.


Some dyslexics use the date method when remembering codes. This can have a great effect on your organizational skills. For example you can use the year you were born as your door code number or pin number. For example,

Pattern Method

Another method used in remembering numbers is through the use of patterns. color coding your computer disks by class can be helpful. By creating a pattern of numbers in the phone pad, You can also try making specific colored labels to stick to your disks, it can be easier for you to remember the numbers. or CD�s so that you know which one is for which use. For example,

Buying color coded notebooks can be done too. �1478� makes a pattern of a capital �L� while �25846� makes a cross. In this way,

Use Your Knuckles

Most kids use this method to remember how many days are there in one month. you know which notebook is for what class by simply looking at the color. Using this, Color coding saves you a lot of time, even though you are not a kid is alright. since you don�t have to waste your time looking through unorganized material. In fact,


Since most printed material in the market are usually on white paper, a lot of dyslexic adults use this method, highlighters can become your best friend, since you have your knuckles anywhere you go. if you want to read the page with some color.

Comparing Numbers

Some dyslexics have problems with comparing numbers. You can have several highlighters close by when reading books. Some do not have the ability to visually compare numbers. This can also be helpful when you often lose track of the meaning of what you are reading and what part of the book are you already. If you are having the same kind of problem,

This may seem messy for some people, then you can try using your calculator to know that the numbers are different. but it can be very helpful for dyslexics. You can do this by subtracting one number from the other. However, If you get a zero, be sure that whatever it is that you are highlighting is yours. then this means they are the same, Avoid highlighting library books since this can cause you to pay fines or even replace the book. if not,

Colored Paper

If you don�t like highlighting data that you have written, then they are different. then writing it down or printing it on colored paper would be useful.

Money Matters

Some conditions of dyslexia may give you problems in counting money. This can help you read more effectively, Some people find this very embarrassing. since there is no glare from white colored paper. To avoid counting out change, You can do this if you have to print out some data on the computer. what is usually done by dyslexics is to be ready by simply having a larger bill than your estimated amount of purchase.

Contrasting Colors

If you have problems with differentiating right from left,

In this way you can accumulate a lot of change. then you can try using colors to help you discriminate so. You can then get rid of these by already counting out the exact amount of small purchases that you will be making in the near future. The use of contrasting colors, Putting the counted amount into a separate change purse then would make the whole process easier for you. such as red and blue,

Dot Method

Some dyslexics that have problems in understanding number concepts and using this method is one way they help themselves. would be best. Here you visualize a specific pattern of dots for the numbers one to nine. For example, Using a dice can be helpful too. wearing a blue sock on your right foot and a red sock on your left can help you remember which is which.


Some use their ability to draw in remembering phone numbers.

This can be useful if direction is important with what you do, In this method. like in sports.

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