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Being With An Adult Dyslexic

A lot of companies nowadays are opening their doors to people with disabilities, then it is advised that you consult a professional now. including those with dyslexia.

Sometimes, If you have a coworker or colleague with this condition, a person with dyslexia can reach adulthood without even knowing he or she has the condition. it should not be the case that you belittle him or her because of his or her condition. To avoid this from happening,

Additionally, there are some symptoms of the condition that you can watch out for to know whether or not that you should seek the help and opinion of a professional to know whether you have the condition or not. it is a good thing that the law has given this issue some attention,

Dyslexia can manifest itself in a lot of different ways. since dyslexia is an official disability that can be governed by the Disability Discrimination Act, Some of the symptoms are common while some can be very rare. 1995. All the presented symptoms of the condition,

As an employer or a colleague of a person with this condition, however, there are some things that you can do to help him or her out. are most likely not present all at the same time for one person. Accordingly,

Difference In Achievements

A person with this condition can have an obvious discrepancy between his or her academic skills or achievement, there are some things that you shouldn�t do. and his or her real-life performance in verbal and practical problem-solving skills.


Support is something that most people with disabilities need. This means, This is because most of the time they are treated as invalids, a dyslexic person can sometimes be very bad when it comes to academic concerns, which shouldn�t be the way you treat a person with a disability. while he or she can perform well when you are simply dealing with normal daily problem-solving. This principle applies exactly the same with individuals with dyslexia.

One example would be a person who has a failing grade with basic math,

Support doesn�t mean you should do everything for them, but can do well when asked to get a number of objects. nor leaving them alone so that they can do their thing. Another would be someone who has difficulty in reading class but seems normal when you talk with them. The kind of support you should give is support for them to become an independent individual even with the condition at hand.

Comprehension Problems

Another symptom would be comprehension problems.

What dyslexic people need are other people who can understand their condition and what they are going through. If it is taking you ages just to read a short book and has severe difficulty in understanding it then most probably, A little encouragement from you can do wonders. dyslexia is the culprit. Knowing that someone believes in them and that they can do it is enough for a dyslexic to carry on his fight against his condition. For a example,

However, a simple children�s fairytale book with illustrations like The Ugly Duckling, you should only give encouragement when it is appropriate. which has only about ten pages, Overdoing this can make your colleague feel that he is being treated like a baby. already takes you 45 minutes to read and seems that you can�t understand what you are reading while doing so. This can only bring about frustration to them,

Reading And Spelling Problems

Comprehending what you are reading may not be the only problem that you have. so avoid it at any cost. You may also have a problem with reading itself.

Problem Matters

One thing that you should avoid doing when you�re working with a dyslexic is regarding them as a �problem�. You can miss off the endings of some words while reading it or when you are spelling it. They are people too, This is another one of the most common symptoms that dyslexia can present. thus you should treat them as one.

For example, A colleague with dyslexia is not an extra baggage to the team. you are reading and spelling the word �baby�. Remember, When reading, all of you are employed in the same company. what may register to your mind is only �bab�, Thus, thus when you spell it, this means all of you have functions, �bab� is the come out. even if your colleague with dyslexia may seem to have a different kind.

Poor Writing Skills

With dyslexia,

Strengths And Will

As an employer or a superior, your writing skills can be very poor too. you should learn to concentrate on their strengths. You tend to have very bad hand writing and the overall presentation of your written work can be very bad. Try to see the positive side of the situation. Not only will you have poor spelling, Try your best not to be discouraged about your employee�s weaknesses and difficulties. but you can also have some misusage of punctuation marks or even no use at all.

Another thing,

Writing Blocks

Writing blocks happen when most writers suddenly have a loss of ideas of what to write. you shouldn�t force them to do things that are against their will. However, They know their limitations, in dyslexic people writing blocks can occur every time he or she attempts to write something, and there are times that when they say they can�t do it, even if what he or she is about to write is only something as simple as his or her name. then it really means they can�t. Not being able to concentrate and think of what you are about to write,

Pushing them too hard would do no good. is yet another general symptom of this condition. It is better to scaffold your way into training your employee with dyslexia to do more complicated tasks.

These are just some of the general symptoms of dyslexia that you should watch out for.


Doing a little tailoring would benefit you and your employee. So, Try to see your employee or subordinate�s strengths and pinpoint his talents. if you think that you have a manifestation of these symptoms in a very extreme level.

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