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Helping Adults With Dyslexia In The Workplace

Even though adult dyslexics are tremendously talented, A lot of organizations, they still have some problems that may need special attention, companies and institutions are now opening their doors to the disabled population, especially coming from their employers and colleagues. and this includes the dyslexic population.
Most likely, So there is no reason anymore for you to be afraid of being diagnosed of having the condition. adults with this condition are defensive and secretive.Having dyslexia can have a great effect on your life. They also write down inverted financial figures and phone numbers. It can also affect how people treat you and how they see you. A simple memo can take an hour of their time just to decipher. If you and other people are not aware that you have dyslexia,
However, then be ready for a big emotional crisis with your life. even with the acceptance of the condition, This is one reason why getting an assessment for dyslexia, most would still likely try to hide their illiteracy from their colleagues. no matter how old you already are, They have their own subtle ways on manipulating other people to write and read for them, is important. which is a skill that most dyslexics have developed during their school years.
If you get a formal assessment for the problem,
In most cases, and results show that you are positive for having one, severe headaches are the result of putting much effort into trying to read with accuracy. then expect a lot of lifestyle changes to happen with your life. There is a loss of productivity that is obvious to anyone, How your outlook on yourself can change along with the outlook of other people around you. although it can be hard to estimate up to what extent. That is just one general point of how an assessment can change your life,
Playing such kind of masquerade wont do any good in the part of both employee and employer. and there is more to that. That is why openness about the condition is needed so that the employer and employee with the condition can help out each other in able to achieve productivity and success.

Things Can Now Be Fair
Getting an assessment can make things fair now in your life.
A little give and take between the employer and employee is important. For example, Both sides should cooperate with each other on how they can improve the working experience and product of the employee. examiners or your professors may give you a very low grade,
One example would be devising a way to make it easier for the dyslexic adult to read while in the workplace. due to your poor performance. Employers should take charge and initiate that theyd be giving support to their employee to make reading easier. But now, Adapting the workplace is easy, once you get an assessment, as long as there is cooperation between the workers and employers. they can reconsider the marks that they give you and make it somewhat relative to your condition or diagnosed ability.
Some Reading Techniques In The Workplace
One way to help out reading disabled people so that they can efficiently work is to give them instructions orally.
With dyslexia, Dictating through an audio recorder or voice mail would also be helpful. what you learn from a course can seem to be less than what normal people do. Doing this can help save time and increase productivity since there is no more need for an hour long memo deciphering sessions. However,
Assigning someone to read things to them is okay. it may only appear less when you are asked to write about it. However, There are times that you know the lesson and understand it but simply cant put it into writing. this can sometimes make the employee with the condition feel somewhat awkward. If this is the case, It would be better to provide a computer that has a voice synthesizer. your examiner will be able to rate you fairly and wont think that you are simply not studying for the subject. The computer can easily be the one to read the memos for you employee.
A Different Judgment
If you get a formal assessment,
Computers are of great help, the judgment of other people regarding how you are fit to do a job or not can change. since most dyslexics are good in using one. People such as potential employers or admission tutors are some of the people that need to know if you are a dyslexic or not. In fact, Since dyslexia can affect a number of functional areas in your life, some people with this condition sometimes find it easier to read from screens than reading from paper. performing a certain position or a job should be well though of and deliberated on. Additionally,
Getting into a program, they are able to compose presentable reports and letters by using the spell-checker feature of the computer. course or job that requires a lot of writing skills can be a problem,
On Writing
With regards to writing, especially if this is your major problem area. avoid giving written tests that are similar to those given in school. However, Another is that if possible; your assessment does not only show your weaknesses, avoid asking your dyslexic employee to fill in very complicated forms. but also your strengths.
If your employee haven't had remedial training, If your particular strength is pointed out in your assessment, then he or she has a somewhat disadvantage. and potential employers see this, But theres no need to be discouraged, their decision can change too. since they have accurate and detailed memories.
Support And Grants
Getting financial support and grants are another advantage of getting a formal assessment.
What you can do is to question them orally. There are some organizations, You can also assign someone to write down their answers while they dictate it. universities or employers that provide additional support to cover for your additional training, If you really have to give a written test, guidance or therapy. then you are obliged to give extra time for your employee to answer it. They can also pay for some learning equipments that you may need such as computers and digital or tape recorders.
Receiving support for this kind of things can be very helpful in a lot of ways. the test should be conducted in an environment that is distraction free. most especially if you are financially challenged.

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