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Misleading Symptoms Of Dyslexia

Dyslexia can also have some misleading symptoms that when manifested seems to be not a condition at all. Here theres no need for typing of any sort of data. Sometimes, You can control the whole computer just by dictating your commands. this kind of symptoms seems like just incidences of carelessness. You can also dictate any information that you want to be encoded in your computers word processing program. However, However, if they happen too often, this kind of gadget can cost you a lot. it is something that you shouldnt overlook.Modern technology has wonderfully developed through the years of intensive research and testing. So here are some of the misleading symptoms that dyslexia has. The efforts of these researches have not come to waste since now the products are used to help people cope up with their disabilities and difficulties,
Reluctance In Writing
When a person is reluctant in writing things down, whether acquired or natural. this can sometimes be thought of as simple laziness.
Nowadays, However, you use a number of accessible devices that could practically help you with your difficulties. unknown to many, However, a simple trait like this can already be one manifestation of dyslexia. which specific device to use would highly depend on your conditions nature and severity. Some people,
Devices For Spelling And Grammar
If spelling and grammar are your major problem areas, who know that they are dyslexic, modern technology has something to offer you. try hard to cover up their condition. There are now devices that have spell-checkers to correct your spelling, That is why they may seem to appear as if they are just too lazy to write. and grammar checkers for your grammar correction. Yet,
Additionally, the real reason behind this is that they are having writing difficulties, most of the modern computers now also have these kinds of features, due to dyslexia. which can be invaluable to you. In cases when a person is not yet diagnosed to have the condition, Such features work by showing you your spelling and grammar mistakes and by providing you with the correct form while giving you the option to change what you have already written. this symptom can purely appear as a lack of enthusiasm with writing.
Electronic Dictionaries
Electronic dictionaries are similar to conventional ones,
Telephone Message Problems
When a person gets confused with telephone messages, only that they are somewhat easier to use and faster. it can appear as simple carelessness or inattentiveness. This kind of device gives you word definitions, But if this kind of confusion carries on, synonyms antonyms, then it is already something serious, and pronunciation. such as dyslexia.
This can also be helpful if you are learning a new language, This symptom can be a really big problem, since some can provide you translations too. especially if your job somewhat entails you to answer the phone and take messages, Using one is pretty easy since all you have to do is type in the word and you can instantly see the vital information about the word. like secretaries or receptionists.
Audio Machines

You can also use dictating machines to aid you with understanding what you are reading.
Note-taking Difficulties
Note-taking can be a tedious chore to do when you have dyslexia. Tape recorders are also useful, This can be most especially true if you are studying or have a job that requires this skill, especially if you are studying and youre finding it hard to follow what your teacher is saying. like waiters. In this way you can listen to what you have recorded, The thing is, even after class hours. sometimes difficulty in this skill is thought of to be being plain stupidity or clumsiness,
Audio-typing programs are also available. by most people. All you have to do is dictate the data that you want to be encoded, That is why it can be another misleading symptom, and your computer would automatically do the encoding. unless accompanied by more obvious symptoms of the condition.
Text to speech programs are somewhat similar,
Comprehending Other People
Another misleading symptom would be difficulty in following and comprehending what other people are saying to you. only that they work the other way around. Most of the time, Here you can hear the encoded data on your computer by clicking on a button that would let the computer speak out the data. other people would simply accuse you of not attentively listening to them.

Even normal people benefit from this machine; What they dont understand is that you have dyslexia, for dyslexia that has numbers as the waterloo, which is the cause of your difficulty in following what they say. a calculator is obviously of great help. Additionally,
Memory telephones
Since short-term memory is a big problem for dyslexics, it is even more difficult if the speaker is talking too fast in a very noisy environment or setting. remembering phone numbers can already be a tedious task for you.
Sequencing Difficulties
Problems in sequencing can also be experienced when you have this condition. So to save you from this endeavor, Even simple problems such as sequencing the days of the week can already be difficult for a person with dyslexia. you can make us of memory telephones that have the feature of storing phone numbers and automatically dialing them. Other people who are not aware of the existence of this condition can sometimes label a dyslexic person to be an idiot or stupid,

Electronic Organizers
Time management, since such skill is expected to be mastered already, scheduling and organizing are some of the other problem areas that dyslexics face. especially if youre an adult. That is why you can try using electronic organizers to help you with your schedule.
Figure Or Letter Reversal
If you have dyslexia, These can be useful by reminding you about your appointments. writing can be a problem for you. deadlines and meetings. You can sometimes reverse how you write the individual letters or figures. You can also use it to list down some tasks that you have to complete for the day. You can also reverse the sequence of how they are supposed to be positioned in a word or in a number.
Voice-activated Computers
Another great tool would be voice activated computers.

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